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Investing in real estate can be a lucrative endeavor, but it requires careful planning, market knowledge and a reliable partner by your side. At Castle Crest Capital, we have earned the trust of countless investors by providing exceptional investment opportunities. Don’t just take our word for it, though—read what our satisfied clients have to say!


  • "In 2012, I invested in Weston Dean Homes. My motivation was my respect for Bryan Mendenhall. Bryan had the knowledge and character to be successful. After graduating from college, Bryan went into banking. Essential to starting a business is knowing how to grow relationships with banks. He had a strong desire to start a business and a passion for housing. His homebuilding career began with a large publicly traded homebuilder working for a very talented manager. Bryan added value to the companies he worked for and was well respected by his managers. The experience helped him form his own ideas about how to be successful in managing companies. He was now prepared to write his own business plan and raise capital. When Bryan asked me to invest with his company I did not hesitate. He was prepared to grow a business. I was not disappointed. He communicates very well with his partners, provides professional financial statements and excellent projections. My return on investment has been exciting. I am very proud of Bryan and recommend him to anyone considering his opportunities."

    Bob Gardner, Owner | Gardner Franchise, Inc.

  • "Dear Bryan, 

    I want to thank you for your hard work over the past 10 years as you built Weston Dean Custom Homes to its current stage and allowed me to be part of the journey. As one of the founding limited partners, you've built trust through consistently keeping us up to date on the state of the business, trends and future plans. Considering the housing industry has gone through different cycles over the past decade, your careful business planning and open-door policy to ask questions has helped us navigate changes and appreciate your dedication to success. Based on my initial investment and different stages of return timing, my expectations have been far exceeded. My Weston Dean limited partnership investment has been one of my most successful and has allowed me to re-invest in other Weston Dean opportunities as well. Thank you once again and I look forward to our continued success as you work through all of Weston Dean's future growth plans."

    Cris Valladares

  • "Dear Prospective Investor, 

    I have known Bryan Mendenhall in a variety of capacities for nearly 30 years. From a business perspective, my experience with Bryan began with an investment proposition in Weston Dean Custom Homes, LP over 10 years ago. Bryan was looking to "go out on his own" and was looking for Limited Partners to help realize his dream. Bryan set clear expectations for returns of/on capital.

    Throughout the duration of my capital investment in Weston Dean, Bryan has exhibited an extremely professional approach as the General Partner. He not only has fulfilled his duties as the General Partner but has surpassed my expectations. Bryan has frequently given business updates in a detailed and transparent manner; investors have been provided with audited and interim financial statements and other valuable information that gives us tremendous insight for how his business is performing. As Bryan has steadily improved the performance of his business year after year, he has solidified the trust of the investor group. As with any new business, there have been growing pains and some difficult times (i.e. Covid), but Bryan has been able to successfully navigate various challenges and come away with a stronger business. Bryan has done a tremendous job balancing capital returns to investors with a health of the business and his quarterly decisions on distributions have never been questioned by the Limited Partners. Bryan truly cares about his Limited partners and has always made himself readily accessible for any questions that ever surfaced. 

    The returns for my investment have been well beyond my expectations and easily surpassed what I could have earned with other business ventures. I welcome continuing to work with Bryan and am currently evaluating various business proposals.

    In summary, I highly recommend investing in Bryan and his vision on business opportunities he is evaluating."

    Gabe Juarez

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